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Couple comes in for a new policy. She hands me a written quote of $62 we gave her 2 weeks ago. When finishing the aplication, her rate increased to over $100. She was obviously upset...... Her: But you told me my rate was only going to be $62?? Me: Yes ma'am. However that quote was based on you telling me you had no tickets or accidents. READ MORE >>

Todays lesson: Practicing what I preach!  The setting: My wife and I had to return a kitchen sink we purchased for a different size Yesterday near dark.  Approaching Veterans pkwy at the stop light we are rear-ended by a large Dodge truck. I exit the car (in the pouring/cold rain) to check out the damage. READ MORE >>

On 4/30 ---- New customer came into the office to purchase insurance. Her rate issued was $115 per month. Upon issue, she asks, "Now this is all im going to have to pay each and every month?"  Me: Yes Ma'am.  ***FAST FORWARD TO TODAY. 6/8*****  Phone rings : READ MORE >>

*****"Your supposed to switch companies when you SAVE money, not the other way around"******  Customer comes in to cancel her Insurance policy she purchased last week. When I asked why, she tells me her step mom added her to their policy. I asked if she lived with her step mom and she says 'No". READ MORE >>

So I see a FB sales ad (individual) posting "Luxury sunglasses" for sale $40 & I respond to it.....  Me: What brand/style are they?  Him: I dont know, they are nice tho. They are slim and sleek. sporty almost.  Me: Fair question to ask you: How do you know they are luxury? READ MORE >>

Customer comes in to reinstate her policy.......  She: I need to pay on my policy. Its about 3 months past due.  Me: I have to re-start the policy new if its over 30 days behind in payment.  She: Well okay.  Me: Have there been any changes of your info on file with us & where is the car? READ MORE >>

So this just happened (Keep in mind, I pride myself on writing policies fast & accurately; Thus the name Auto Insurance EXPRESS)......  ATTEMPT 1  ME: Do you or your husband have any tickets or accidents in the last 3 years?  She: No. I dont think so. READ MORE >>

Closing time = 4:30pm, Customer walks in at 4:26pm; dropped off by someone that immediatly drives away.  Me: Oh, How can I help you?  Him: I just need to pay my car Ins  Me: Okay, you just made it because I close at 4:30  Him: Yeah I know, thats why I hurried and im in a rush READ MORE >>

UBER!  Everyone has heard about this growing trend in transportation sweeping the nation. In the age of "Don't drink & drive" more & more people are using this service as opposed to Taxis. Why?  Its  much cheaper, nicer cars & friendlier service (basically its everyday people moonlighting as taxi drivers in their personal car). READ MORE >>

THIS just happened.....Keep in mind ive never insured this person before--Couple walks in for Insurance...... She: I need Insurance on a car I just bought Me: Okay I need your name, license, address, d/o/b, etc She: Gives me address in Indiana while ranting on that she just moved which is why her license is KY. READ MORE >>

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