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40 yr old Guy walks in for Insurance of his scooter---- Him: I have a problem. I just got a ticket for no tags & for having my young daughter riding with me so I need to get Insurance on this scooter so I can get it tagged. Me: How long have you owned it. HIM: 2 weeks. I found it in a dumpster. READ MORE >>

This is Bill (Not really, but it is someone) - Bill needs insurance because his 19 yr old daughter is now driving. - Bill thinks of a clever way to save $$ by not adding his 19yr old daughter to his policy, thus not having to pay the higher rate. - Bill never thinks of the consequenses of his actions, how innocent they may have seemed to him. READ MORE >>

Sooo I get busy with a customer on the phone while another is waiting in line (in person) for me to finish. PHONE RINGS. I put my person on hold to answer..... CALLER: "Hey, get the F off the phone and wait on my husband. Were in a hurry dammitt! READ MORE >>

Bad News for Indiana drivers caught without Ins. The Bureau of Motor vehicles is phasing out the SR-50 program. All drivers now caught without Ins must now have their (new) insurer file an SR-22 with the state. This means all drivers will now be monitored for 3 years if caught without. READ MORE >>

8am...Customer comes this morning to rip my butt because she was denied coverage for a wreck she had 2 days after policy lapsed ( she made payment then so she assumed all was well).  8:15 ... Write a new policy for a lady that could not speak a ounce of English so I demanded an intrepreteur (via phone) READ MORE >>

As of July 1st, $$ penalties for caught driving without Insurance has increased dramatically. First offense is $250. Second offense is $500. Third offense wins the grand prize of $1000. The BMV will also place you on a mandatory SR22 (3 year monitored probation). The BMV no longer uses SR50 (phased out). READ MORE >>

EVER wonder why the license branch mails your license plates to you? Its because the state assigns a "Bar code" to them & now the State police can immediatley read them as your car passes theirs. New technology allows State police to scan 100 cars per minute. READ MORE >>

Ugly story of the day- Customer called me to report an accident he had Yesterday afternoon. His policy cancelled (for non payment) at 12:01am (midnight) that day. MYTH: Auto Ins policies DO NOT have a grace period. Other than injury accidents, this is the worst part of my job .... READ MORE >>

FIRST (4) THINGS TO DO IN AN AUTO ACCIDENT--- (1) Write down the name of Ins Company, (2) Policy #, (3) Policy holder/drivers name. (4) Toll free number of claims service of the vehicle involved in. REMEMBER,: In Indiana, The company representing the at fault driver handles the entire claim which means until you have the above information, your car cannot be reapired (delayed). READ MORE >>

Customer- Someone hit my truck over the weekend. Me - Sir, your policy has been cancelled for over 3 weeks. Customer - ok Customer - Hey, how much is full coverage Me - About $85/month Customer - That's not bad, lets go ahead and do that. Me- Sir, it doesn't work that way, you must get your damage repaired first! READ MORE >>

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