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8th wonder of the world - When someone asks me for advice about an accident & they don't take it, rather "leaving it to chance whether the other party turns in the claim". -- That's always losing bet SITUATION- Insured let her daughter (not listed on policy) driver her car; which in turn let her boyfriend drive, resulting in a small accident. READ MORE >>

Guy comes in this morning for new ins policy, pulls out a Ky title, Ky registration ( to show me vin #). When I ask for address, he gives me Jeffersonville residence address. Me: "Out of the 10 Ins companies I represent, I can only write you through 1 because of your out-of-state drivers license (Ga)". READ MORE >>

Excitement in the air this morning... Guy comes in to swap out cars on his policy. While here (only 15 ft from parking lot--30 ft from his car), a 20 yr oldish guy rides up on his bike and leans up against his car. Suddenly, the guy opens my insures passenger door! READ MORE >>

Part of conversation with customer in the hospital(chest pains): Me: Any cute nurses there? Customer: Oh hell yeah Me: Tell them you feel dirty & need a sponge bath!! Customer: Umm, already tried & 15 mins later a Male nurses aid showed up smiling. Told him, "Man, I was just kidding, Ive never felt cleaner in all my life". READ MORE >>

Lets talk today about a term we Insurance people call Insurance Fraud - AKA FELONY. I get a call Yesterday from one of my companies advising me that my insured is filing a claim ( on the other line with them). The interesting part is the time difference between the time of the accident & the time the client reinstated (paid after it cancelled) their policy is 6 minutes. READ MORE >>

Indiana drivers: Not many know about Indiana's attempt to reduce uninsured drivers. If you are pulled over by a policeman (for any reason), or you are involved in an accident (REGUARDLESS OF WHOS AT FAULT).... READ MORE >>

Had a young man come in for insurance accompanied by "The Wise Uncle". When all the questions were answered (by uncle) and lowest policy issued (coverage), the uncle says, "Insurance is a rip off anyways". Losing the urge to keep quiet, I responded, "Why?". "Cause I got screwed by a company. READ MORE >>

-----Customers renewal starts December 1st for next 6 months and he is in office today to pay for it. Customer: Can I get my cards for the next 6 months? Me: Unfortunately no. I can only issue them on or after Dec 1st. Customer: Why is that? READ MORE >>

Customer: I want to cancel my Renters policy. Me; Ok, Ill take care of that right away. May I ask why? Customer: My son put me on his policy to save $$ Me : Oh, great! So its his place your living at ? Customer: No, He lives in Chicago. (Quick 5 minute tutorial/Discussion of how thats impossible) READ MORE >>

Rule #1 when attempting to lie about what state you live in while shopping for insurance rates; When asked what city you live in?, ...do not answer, "Indiana".   READ MORE >>

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