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Customer: Can I turn in a claim on a wreck that happened last year in July? Someone side swiped my car. It was a hit & run. Me: Absolutely. However, since it was a "hit & run" you only would be responsible for the deductible that is on your policy since its a chargeable accident. READ MORE >>

Customer came in to add her 21 yr old onto her policy that moved here from Ohio (still has Ohio Drivers License) Me: Understand you are required by law, to get an Indiana license within 30 days or your Ins policy will cancel. I strongly advise you to read the book before you take the written exam as Indiana has no sense of humor when it comes to testing. READ MORE >>

1st call of the morning; Caller: I would like a quote on some motorcycle ins Me: Sure, Is it a crotch rocket or touring bike Caller: Its a 150cc Scooter. Me: Sir, that's not really a motorcycle, that's a scooter & we don't insure those here. Caller: Bullshit. Its a motorcycle! (Angry voice) READ MORE >>

20 old man with his girlfriend come in to get insurance this morning. As im writing him, his "sassy" girlfriend starts hitting me with many questions; some serious, some not. Her last question was, "Does he get a military discount?" (which is legit, but redundant at this particular point). I answered. READ MORE >>

Customer: I would like a quote on renters ins Me: We only offer renters to our auto customers. Customer: Well, I would be intersted in switching that also. Its with another agent that my boyfriend got for me (Bullshit #1 --noone can insure someone elses car) READ MORE >>

---Telephone Call--- Customer: I want to make my payment, my name is_________ Me: Ok. Whats your card #? Customer: oh duh. I forgot I needed that. Me: Thats ok. Take your time Customer: Can you tell me when its paid off?... Me: Sure. This is the last payment in this 6 months term. READ MORE >>

An older woman just came into my office and asked if I was hiring. Uninspired by her enthusiasm, I politley said no. She then took my card and asked for my name saying, "I only need 3 of these a week". I refused to give my name until I was given a proper resume and asked why she didnt have one. READ MORE >>

Received a phone call for a quote on Life Insurance Yesterday. The man wanted a price to insure his 2 adult sons. I explained that anyone over 21 must be present to sign the application acknowledging that he is insuring for this type of insurance (Life). The man told me that this is NOT possible because both are in prison. READ MORE >>

Customer that took out a new policy Yesterday today asked me to write a letter (Signed) stating that he had ins in force since Feb to show his employer. ....Hell no. I said, 'I like you in all, but you aint worth me losing my career over". He replied, "Well, im going to lose my job" READ MORE >>

ATTENTION INDIANA DRIVERS (Part 2)------ If you get pulled over by an officer--or--- have an accident (regardless of fault), The state Of Indiana will audit you (via mail) to see if you had insurance on that particular date. This form is called a "Certificate of Compliance". READ MORE >>

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