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So at 8:30am an older customer walks in and requests to "renew his policy". When i look him up, I notice that his policy was taken out 4/15/2015 & lapsed for non payment 5/15/2015 (over a year ago). I tell the customer this, and the yelling begins. He adomently says it was set on "automatic deduction" from his bank account. READ MORE >>

18 yr old comes in for insurance on her 2015 Chev Camaro Me: Do you own the car? ---No, my husband does Me: How old is he? --- 38 Me: What is his date of birth? --- I dunno Me: Do you know the month he was born in? --- No... Me: Where is he because he has to be here to sign? ---Hondurous. READ MORE >>

Customer (age 55) comes in to add a third car to policy. As I pull up their account, I see an outstanding bill. They had previously paid their policy in full but added a 2nd car last month that was not paid for as of yet....... Me: Sir, Im showing you owe $60 for the car u added last month which will pay that in full (again) until September. READ MORE >>

A guy owns a truck & He Sells it to a friend that has bad credit (which prohibts him from going to most car lots--doing him a "favor"). The "friend" that is buying the truck makes payments to the seller. They come into the office to get insurance on the vehicle. READ MORE >>

My Sermon for the day: Young lady came in to purchase a policy. She looked unhappy so I asked her whats wrong. She said Monday a car side-swiped her and drov...e off. She followed the car to the next stop sign. The lady, noticing she was followed got out and & looked at both cars. READ MORE >>

A 21yr old walks into my office- that I haven't seen in quite a while. I immediatley notice an accident report sticking out slightly from the bottom of a papers hes carrying. The game of fools is about to begin..... Him: Man, I got a problem Me: Yes, how can I help ya! Him: Well man, im confused about this insurance u sold me. READ MORE >>

Customer comes in to reapply for a new policy because his wife "forgot to pay" premium 2 months ago- causing it to lapse. Me: Since you want full coverage, I need to inspect the truck for existing damage. Where is your truck at? HIM:  I didn't bring it because it didn't have insurance on it. READ MORE >>

Older man just called... HIm: Can you tell me what the numer "17" means on the back of my license tags? Me: Sir, thats a question you need to ask the license branch, Im an Insurance agent. Him: Can you speak up, im hard of hearing. Me; OK..(Repeated last message louder)... READ MORE >>

So a Transgender woman (once a man) comes into the office to restart her Insurance. Shes funnier that heck, always giving me hell (like most my customers!!). At 30 yrs old and driving a Mustang GT full coverage, you can imagine the monthly rate (high). READ MORE >>

Todays lesson: Don't be a hypocrite. Guy calls in, yelling & complaining that he was involved in a accident and does not have medical or rental car on his policy (electives in Indiana). After he calms down I explain the cost, like $10, to add these to the policy and he will have them for future incidents. READ MORE >>

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