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Typical Afternoon. Guy comes in to add on a older truck. Asks about Full Coverage but I said No because of its age. He goes on about how he got this at a gre...at buy for $700. After I bind coverage he keeps bragging about what a steal he got. Then he says, It all evens out though because its in the impound right now. READ MORE >>

Soooooooooo,...Guy comes in (27ish) to pay his Girlfriends insurance policy. He tells me what company shes with, then I ask for her name. "April Brummett" he says. I search,...no name like that on file. I ask & try again. No name on file. I check all companies for her --nothing. READ MORE >>

     Part of my job: Getting yelled at when a customer rear ends aother car in her infinity and complains why I "mistakenly" didnt add comp/coll to her policy. Of course, she didnt realize that the call she made to the corporate office (just before me)was recorded when she tried to lie and add the coverage as another person on the policy. READ MORE >>

Just got interrogated by a customer that he was being overcharged. He has 2 cars insured (lia only) for a price of $55 a month. His compliant was that 3 yrs ago..., he only paid $48 a month here for 2 cars. My exact response was, " I am not having this conversation. READ MORE >>

Couple comes in for auto insurance....... When asked for address, she says, "Well this is where we are going to be moving to.... but right now we go back & forth". (back & forth is a reg flag term meaning they live in Louisville) ME: Sorry guys, you have to get ins in Louisville Her: NO. READ MORE >>

So this women comes in my office last week to purchase insurance. Shes sobbing as she is insuring a 20+ yr old vehicle for minimum coverage. She tells me she embarrased as shes used to be in nice cars but currently broke & down on her luck. Fast forward to todays telephone call---- READ MORE >>

ATTENTION INDIANA DRIVERS: Effective July 1st, 2017 State minimum Auto coverage INCREASES to 25/50/25 (old requirment was 25/50/10). Basically, the state of Indiana (Government) increased the property damage coverage to $25,000 which is the amount your policy pays (up to) to repair any damage you cause to others personal property (Vehicle, telephone pole, guard rail, etc,. READ MORE >>

Car Insurance Lesson on the Day-- Hit the damn Dog! Customer called all shook up because when a dog ran on the street, she swerved to avoid it crashing into a neighborhood fence & tree. The damage to her "new" car is extensive and she has some pretty good bumps & bruises. READ MORE >>

Man walks in (early 30's) to purchase insurance for a car he bought off his "friend". Bragging about the good deal he got on this 2000 GMC for $1800 I ask to see the VIN #. He hands me the title. I immediatley notice that it is not a proper (real) title. READ MORE >>

LEARN FROM THIS!!!!!! Customer calls me this morning concerned about a car accident that she had Yesterday. She tells me she braked at a stop sign and so...meone barely tapped into the rear of her car (rear-ended). Both parties agreed there was no damage so they both left by just exchanging numbers. READ MORE >>

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